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The 2020 ARE Prep Sessions, led by Associate Directors Ellie Thomas and Richard Carlos, are back on for the 2020 year. Starting this March, we will be hosting a monthly session focusing on a specific exam with a guest speaker knowledgeable on the topics, and from our own architectural professional community. Every third month will feature a Trivia night where we will cover curriculum of the previous 2 exams. 

The sessions will be held with food and drink, video-web conferencing capability for those remoting in, and the sessions, themselves, will be recorded. 

The first two sessions are free to non-AIA Members, then a $30 fee will be applied to non-members in any following sessions for the year. Any session paid for by a non-member will be reimbursed/deducted from their membership fee if they choose to become a member later in the year. 

Watch for the email for session sign up or subscribe here and your contact will be added to our ARE Prep distribution list. 


March 19th

ARE Prep - Practice Management – Speaker: Matt Huffield

Location: CSHQA 

April 9th

ARE Prep - Project Management – Speaker: Matt Huffield

Location: CSHQA 

May 7th

ARE Prep - Trivia Night (over PM and PM)

Location: TBD

June 4th

ARE Prep - Programming and Analysis – Speaker: TBD

Location: CSHQA 

July 16th

A Location: CSHQA 

RE Prep - Project Planning and Design - Speaker: Stan Cole

August 13th

ARE Prep - Trivia Night (PA and PPD)

Location: TBD

September 17th

ARE Prep - Project Development and Documentation - Speaker: Stan Cole

Location: CSHQA 

October 8th

ARE Prep - Construction and Evaluation - Speaker: Matt Huffield

Location: CSHQA 

November 5th

ARE Prep - Trivia Night (PDD and CE)

Location: TBD 

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